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Use method and procedure of torque wrench

2020-01-16 03:21:53 Click Times 802

With the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of industry, the use of torque wrench is becoming more and more popular, the use of torque wrench is more accurate, such as the traditional torque wrench into a ratchet wheel torque wrench, torque wrench, digital display type preset torque wrench and so on, although categories will be different, but they are roughly the same principle.

The following three steps:

1, the first on the wrench set the required torque value (from the spring set on the plunger to the torque pressure release joints), locking torque wrench to tighten bolts, when the bolt after reaching distance value (when using torque is greater than the spring pressure) will produce instant effect between. At the moment have a disconnect effect issued a joint percussion wrench the "tower" sound emitted by the metal shell. In order to confirm the reminder of the torque value. (in fact as we arm joints bend in iron pipe into 15 degrees will encounter after the "straight steel tube principle as a fraction of a second).

2. The "cata" produced by the torque wrench is generated by the internal torsional release structure, which is composed of three structures: pressure spring, torsional release joint and torsional ejector.

3. The torque wrench is prompted to reach the torque value you require after the "cata" sound.

To understand the above principle, the following about the technical operation of torque wrench, wrench is used in this way:

1. When the torque wrench is in use, it is most appropriate to hear the sound of "pa"

2, in the use of torque wrench, first of all, according to the requirements of the measuring part of the selection of moderate range, the value of the measured torque force must not be less than 20% of the range of the torque device in use, too large range should not be used for the reinforcement of small torque parts, small range of the torque device can not be used beyond the range

3. When using the torque wrench, first connect the force pawl to the auxiliary parts (such as the sleeve and various kinds of spout) to ensure that the connection is ok. Before reinforcing the torque, set the force value to be strengthened, lock the locking device, and then adjust the direction changing button to the direction of adding force.