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The future has come hardware tools industry is in urgent need of upgrading

2020-01-16 03:24:00 Click Times 708

With the rapid development of the Internet, the domestic traditional hardware tools market can no longer be the previous set of "old-fashioned" practices, now urgently need to speed up the transformation and upgrading.

At present, the development of both domestic and foreign hardware tools markets has become stable, and the development speed of the industry is slowing down. In order to maintain a certain development vitality, hardware tools industry must find a new growth point. And in the Internet highly developed now, the future development of hardware tools must be the Internet as the core, high-end, intelligent, precision, system integration and other four directions for industrial upgrading.


The advancement of science and technology makes the service life of hardware tools longer. The wear rate of hardware tools in industrial production is lower and lower. But the hardware power conversion rate is falling, does not mean that the hardware tools industry is in decline. On the contrary, with the continuous progress of technology, the emergence of multifunctional hardware tools began to increase, more and more multifunctional tools began to replace the single-function simple tools. Therefore, hardware tools high-end into the development of many hardware tools production enterprises forward direction. Enterprises in the production of hardware tools, in addition to the production of materials and coating breakthrough, but also in the production process and industrial chain upgrade. In the future, only the enterprises that can produce high-end hardware tools can develop continuously and stably in the fierce competition.


At present, artificial intelligence has become the next tuyere, more and more enterprises began to invest a lot of manpower and capital in artificial intelligence research and development, in order to be one step ahead of other enterprises, to quickly seize the intelligent equipment industry. For the hardware industry, improving the intelligence of production machines can help companies produce products of better quality, which is the basis of the market.


With the rapid development of domestic industry and the pace of industrial transformation, the market demand for precision measuring instruments is increasing day by day. At present, although our country has certain experience and technology accumulation in the production of precision hardware tools and instruments, but compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap. With the development of economy, China's need for high-end precision tools will also produce explosive growth. And the precision degree of hardware fittings used in the production of high-end precision tools will also be improved accordingly, so hardware tool manufacturers should start to develop their own production to precision.

System integration

Worldwide, developed countries in Europe and the United States have long been engaged in r&d, design and production of complete sets of technologies and integrated control, instead of the traditional parts production stage. And this kind of development direction, also is our country hardware tool profession important development direction. Only by integrating the production system of hardware tools can we adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition and stand out from the competition.

In the future, hardware tools enterprises must successfully break through the four directions of high-end, intelligent, precision and system integration to enter a new round of growth.