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Main types of screwdriver

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A: look from the function have the following kind of

1. Ordinary screwdriver

Common screwdriver is the screw batch that head handle makes together, easy to prepare, as long as take out can use, but because screw has many kinds of different length and thick, need to prepare a lot of different screw batch sometimes.

2. Combination screwdriver

A screw batch that separates the screw head from the handle. To install different types of screws, simply replace the screw head. The advantage is to save space, but easy to lose the screw head.

3. Electric screwdriver

Power screw batch, as the name implies, is the electric motor instead of manual installation and removal of screws, usually a combination of screw batch.

4. Clock driver

Belongs to the precision screwdriver, commonly used in the repair of hand - strap watches, so there is this name.

5. Small diamond screwdriver

The size of head handle and body length is smaller than that of common screwdriver, not the screwdriver of clock.

Two: from its structure shape, usually has the following kinds

1. Straight. This is the most common one. Head models have a word, cross, rice, T (plum), H (hexagon), and so on

2. L-shaped. More in the hexagon screwdriver, the use of its longer rod to increase the torque, thus more effort.

3. T-shaped. Auto repair industry more applications.

Three: from the screwdriver head type has the following kinds

Screw driver by different head can be divided into a word, cross, rice word, star (computer), square head, hexagon head, Y head and so on, one of the word and cross is the most commonly used in our life, such as installation, repair this kind of need to use, can be said to have screw driver as long as there is a place. Hexagon head with a few, commonly used hexagon wrench, like a lot of screws on some machines with hexagon hole, convenient multi-angle force. Star of big see also not much, small star is often used to repair mobile phone, hard disk, notebook, etc., we call the small screwdriver clock batch, commonly used star T6, T8, cross PH0, PH00 this kind.



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