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Use and maintenance of explosion-proof tools

2020-01-16 03:39:59 Click Times 1139

Explosion-proof tools in our daily work after use, there should be a proper maintenance phase, for the life of the tools is very critical, because if the maintenance of explosion-proof tools is not appropriate, we can make the tools can not serve us for a long time. First of all, we keep the tools in a dry place. This is to keep the parts that are working from getting damaged.

In our daily work, after 20 consecutive strokes, we should treat the surface attachment of the tool and wipe it clean before using it. We should never use it continuously, so as not to cause the tool to be heated by friction for a long time, which may damage our tool products.

1. After use, clean the dirt and accumulated material on the surface and keep it in a dry and safe place.

2, percussion tools products, not continuous strike, more than 10 times should be appropriate intermittent, at the same time to timely remove the product parts adhere to the debris before continuing to use.

3, wrench products can not be used beyond the force, not to use the sleeve or bind other metal bar materials to lengthen the moment arm, and hammer (except hitting the wrench) the method of screw fasteners.

4. Edge tools should be placed in the water tank and gently touch the grinding wheel for grinding. Do not press too hard or touch the grinding wheel for too long.

5. In the actual operation of the percussion tools, it is necessary to remove the debris on the site and the corroded oxides on the working face to prevent the third party from striking.

According to the above performance and use, it is indicated that aluminum copper alloy is more suitable for atmospheric equipment and environments with less stringent requirements for explosion proof conditions (such as gas stations, small oil depot, etc.) during normal use. And beryllium copper alloy explosion-proof tool performance applicability (such as oil refinery, gas station, gas plant, drilling team, etc.).

6, all kinds of products before use to clean the surface of oil, according to the steel tools refer to the instructions for use.